Goaltender VR Updates

Goaltender VR Updates

Version #8.1 |-Jan, 29, 2021


  • New game mode: Breakaway Scenarios
  • Added “Random” shooting speed option for Ball Cannon training mode
  • Light/color trails for pucks and balls, can be enabled/disabled from options
  • Basic implementation for “achievements” and “Goalie Points”
  • Basic implementation for Haptic vest and arms support
  • Very basic implementation for body collider (still under work)
  • Goalie profiles added, detailed game stats that can be viewed from in-game and web. Profile will be automatic created for you when game is launched
  • “Home Screen” section to quickly view stats and achievements
  • “Leaderboards” section to view (top 10 player) leaderboards
  • “Goaltender Stats” section to view personal detailed statics such as shots faced and saves


  • UI has been completely reworked
  • Updated gloves rotation to better match hands/controllers
  • (hopefully) Improved audio design, tried to add more “hockey rink” immersive sounds to balls and pucks
  • Target Shooting now uses “Glove & Gun” equipments instead “Hand & Gun”
  • In Target Shooting you can now use left handed gun by changing “Catcher Hand” from left to right ( from options section)
  • Changing “Catcher Hand” setting no longer auto equips “Glove and Blocker”
  • “Color Equipments” auto equips “Glove and Blocker”, orginal (selected) equipments will be restored upon exiting color section
  • if no active internet connection is detected, game will not try to load online related stuff such as leaderboard or goalie profile/stats
  • Disabled unnecessary goal sizes, leaving only two (size 3 and 4) goal sizes available
  • Disabled outdoor rink


  • Sometimes “Color Block” and “Target Shooting” cannon would start shooting instantly after round restart, instead waiting “starting” countdown to complete
  • Catcher hand (left/right) was not loading correctly in “Options” page after switching “Catcher hand”
  • Goal size was restored too early, usually before last shot in challenge modes

Version #7 – May, 27, 2020

  • Added leaderboards for Ball Cannon, Target Shooting and Hockey Slap Shot
  • Minor visual tweaks

Version #6 – May, 16, 2020


  • Color Equipments” allows to change glove and blocker colors.
  • You are now assigned “player name” (Goalie-XXXXX) for future leaderboard update.
  • “Hockey Stadium” environment with indoor and outdoor variations, replaces “School Gym”.
  • Choose indoor (stadium) or outdoor (without stadium) rink from “Settings” page
  • You can now change puck color


  • Glove catching works with both trigger and index buttons
  • More precise colliders for both glove and blocker
  • Updated challenge “result screen” GUI
  • Replaced “soundtrack” with environment ambient


Hockey Slapshots

  • Includes three (3) players instead one (1).
  • All goal sizes and shooting speeds available.
  • You can now change puck color (black, light blue, orange, white, yellow, pink, green)

Target shooting

  • After catching ball with your hand, gun is automatic ready to fire. No need to put ball into gun.
  • Changed how ball is launched from the cannon, requires some effort to catch it.
  • Cannon shoots new ball is launched every 1.5 seconds.

Color Block

  • Fixed bug: under certain conditions missing both balls counted as three (3) goals instead regular two (2) goals.


  • Scoreboard displayed “Shooting Gallery” instead correct game mode name “Ball Cannon”
  • “Hockey Slap shot” scoreboard displayed “Goals” header two times instead “Shots” and “Goals”
  • “Hockey Slap Shot” game mode was not recording gloves saves (for result screen stats)
  • “Hockey Slap Shot” scoreboard displayed shots only for one player (9 shots were shown as 3 shots, instead)
  • “Ball Cannon” training page updates “glove catches” requirement correctly related to “training length” setting.


  • “glove catches” requirement defaults to “5” upon game start, requires changing “training length” to display correct value

Version #5 | April, 26, 2020

  • Added EXPERIMENTAL “Hockey Slap Shot” game mode, including ice rink environment
  • Updated “Training Mode” and “Challenge Mode” game mode selection GUI.
  • Changed “Target Shooting” scoreboard to display “Misses” instead “Goals”
  • Tweaked Catcher (glove) rotation, slightly
  • Fixed “Ball Cannon” challenge mode, it’s now actually working
  • Fixed “Ball Cannon” speed level 4 & goal size 4, some shots were too high (not going into goal but crossbar)